Employment Law – For the Employer
Employment Law – For the Employer

Employment Law – For the Employer

San Diego Attorneys Handling Employment Law For Employers

Employment law in California is a very complex area of the law. Some laws apply to all employers, while others only apply if you have a certain number of employees. It is important for employers to understand and comply with all applicable laws because employee claims, penalties and claims can take its toll on your business.

At Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal, LLP, we advise, consult and defender employers. Whether you are a start up looking for some advice on how to comply with California employment law, a seasoned employer who needs clarification on changes to the laws or an employer who has just been sued by a current or former employee, our experienced attorneys are here to help.

Advice And Consultation

The business attorneys at Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal, LLP have the knowledge and information to keep you in compliance with employment laws. Topics such as vacation policies, overtime requirements, scheduling of meal breaks, determining if an employee qualifies as a salaried employee and determining if a person is an employee or an independent contractor are just a few of the topics that our attorneys encounter on a regular basis. We are here to help guide you in order to minimize the risk of employee lawsuits.

Contracts And Handbooks

Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal, LLP can draft and review many types of business contracts, including employment-related contracts such as:

  • At-will employment agreements
  • Senior executive agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements (trade secret misappropriation)

We can also draft or review employee handbooks to make sure that they are compliant with state and federal laws.

Litigating Employment Claims

In the event that an employee does sue you company, our attorneys are ready to investigate and advise you as to your exposure and the best course to get you back to your business. Sometime litigation cannot be avoided and our lawyers are ready to aggressively defend you, whether it be in court, arbitration, Labor Commissioner hearings or in front of the EEOC.

The business lawyers at Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal, LLP strive to resolve employment law cases for our clients in an efficient, cost-effective way. We understand that spending time and money on these concerns takes you away from other business matters. To discuss your employment law need with one of our attorneys, pleasecontact our Solana Beach, California, office at 858.793.8090.