Partnership Disputes
Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes

Shareholder, Partner & Owner Disputes

Dispute Among Business Principals?

Business relationships can be complex, difficult to understand and even more difficult to resolve if business goes bad. While good working relationships between partners or other principals can produce success in business, disagreements can spell disaster for the company. Disputes between partners, shareholders or principals need to be resolved quickly and efficiently to prevent a disruption to your business.

At Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal, LLP, our business lawyers have more than 20 combined years of experience. That means we know how to put together solutions for your business that work in the real world. Contact our office online or call 858.793.8090 to schedule a consultation.

Do Not Allow Partnership Disputes to Interrupt Business

The experienced attorneys we have on staff at Mayfield Bustarde have experience representing clients in many types of business principal disputes, including:

  • Operating agreement, partnership agreement and shareholder agreement disputes
  • Disbursement and salary-related issues
  • Employment-related issues
  • Fraudulent business practices
  • Disagreements relating to access to records or documents
  • Business succession disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Individual shareholder liability issues
  • Violation of non-competition agreements and non-solicitation agreements
  • Usurping corporate opportunities or misappropriating trade secrets
  • Defamation

In any of these disputes, a primary goal of Mayfield Bustarde is to avoid costly, prolonged litigation that negatively impacts your bottom line. Whenever practical, our lawyers will push for arbitration or mediation. Arbitration is an area of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that has recently become a far more viable way to deal with partnership disputes since arbitration agreements can now require the arbitrator to follow the law in rendering decisions. This allows for a judicial appeal of binding arbitration decisions when the arbitrators fail to follow and apply the law.

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Shareholder and Partner Disagreements Are Costly — We Can Help Resolve Them

Business disputes between principals are all too common. In some cases, they need assistance from a third party to resolve their dispute — without damaging the business. That is where we can help. The business-savvy attorneys at Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal, LLP understand the reasons behind partner disputes and other business disputes and the reasons they need to be resolved quickly.

If you are involved in a dispute with a business partner, shareholder or owner, contact Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal, LLP today. Our attorneys have the business and legal experience to help you resolve the matter efficiently. To schedule an appointment, please contact our Solana Beach, California, office at 858.793.8090.

Shareholder-Partner-Owner Disputes

One of the first steps in resolving these types of disputes is to determine the rights, duties and obligations of each party involved. We must determine if there is buy-sell agreement for shareholders. If there is not, we can help the parties decide on how to proceed. Other issues may arise if the dispute is between a majority versus minority shareholder.

Disputes within limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships and general partnerships often involve a governing document such as an operating agreement or a partnership agreement. Sometimes there is no written agreement, so we must determine the terms of the oral agreement — this is understandably tricky as people often have very different interpretations of oral agreements. We have the experience to help you work through this problem.

Owner disputes sometimes involve an owner leaving the business — or being asked to leave. Our attorneys understand the need to solve this problem and get everyone back to work in a timely manner.

If Litigation Is Necessary

We can represent the business entity or the individual in these disputes. While we make every effort to resolve disputes without going to court, we will litigate aggressively for you if necessary.

We Are Ready to Assist You

Our experienced lawyers have the knowledge and skill to help you solve disputes with partners, owners or shareholders. Please call 858.793.8090 or send us an e-mail for a consultation.