Business Contracts & Transactions
Business Contracts & Transactions

Business Contracts & Transactions

Partners in Helping Your San Diego Business Grow: Transactions, Contracts and More

Small-business owners often fulfill multiple roles at a company. Hiring a business attorney to perform some of your duties, like contract negotiations, can be very helpful. For example, it can be difficult to transition from negotiating a sales contract with a company to attempting to sell to that same company. We can negotiate contracts for you, leaving you the freedom to make the sale later.

Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal, LLP‘ philosophy is to set up contracts correctly the first time so your business does not have problems later. Whether you need us to draft the contracts, review existing contracts or negotiate business agreements for you, our attorneys have the experience to assist you. To schedule an appointment, please contact our Solana Beach, California, office at 858.793.8090.

Negotiations, Agreements and Licensing: Saving Money for Your Business

Because of the expense, protracted litigation is usually a bad idea for small to medium-sized businesses. To avoid problems in the future, we make sure your contracts are set up properly. When we draft contracts, we write them in plain English so they are easy to understand. This reduces the back-and-forth between attorneys and can save you time and money. In fact, our contracts are often accepted with minimal changes.

Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal, LLP can draft, review or negotiate contracts for your business needs, including:

  • Sales representative contracts
  • Distributor contracts
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Business-to-business contracts
  • Transaction licensing
  • Sales and customer contracts

We also handle Internet agreements and policies such as terms of use, privacy policies, content licensing, trademark and copyright licensing, advertising sales contracts, and appropriate disclaimers.

Let’s Discuss Your Business Negotiation and Other Contract Needs

Please call us at 858.793.8090 to make an appointment with one of our negotiation agreement licensing lawyers or send us an e-mail for a consultation.