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Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal LLP focuses on legal transactions and litigation pertaining to intellectual property, entertainment, the Internet and new media.

Intellectual property matters include trademarks, copyrights, patents, multi-media, the Internet, trade secrets, technology, and licensing. Entertainment law matters include film, TV, music, new media, the Internet and book publishing.

Intellectual property (a/k/a “IP”) is the umbrella term for products of the intellect such as inventions, computer programs, books, art, motion pictures, website designs, and music. The four major IP legal tools are trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. At BBranfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal LLP, our mission is to help all kinds of people and businesses protect and maximize the value of their IP. We have registered hundreds of trademarks and copyrights and have advised on and negotiated hundreds of contracts.

Our clients range from software developers to musicians, restaurants to film-makers, non-profit organizations to writers and artists, and everyone in between. No matter how different the idea or the business, they all have one thing in common: their desire to protect and maximize the value of their IP.

The explosion of the Internet in the last two decades has changed the way we all do business in ways we never imagined. Just about everything in business, the creative arts, and entrepreneurship has changed as a result. Chances are that trend is only going to accelerate in the years to come. Who would have imagined a few years ago that TWITTER would become a social phenomenon with a multi-billion dollar valuation? The range of trademark, copyright, patent, licensing, entertainment and publishing issues facing all businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives today is staggering. We welcome the opportunity to help you navigate the choppy waters out there.