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We understand that budgeting plays a significant role in your business and controlling your costs. One area that is notoriously difficult to budget is legal services. To help give you some certainty and consistency in your legal spending, we offer a Small Business Subscription Plan. The concept is simple: Select the plan that meets the needs of your business and the cost of that plan will be spread over 12 months, giving you a fixed amount you can budget for that will be less than what you would have spent if you were billed hourly. By signing up and committing to a 12 month term, you are locking in rates at a discount from our standard hourly rates for services that fall within your plan.



Terms and Conditions
*Unused hours expire at the end of the 12 month commitment. Plan auto-renews, but client may cancel at any time.
*Costs/filing fees are excluded and will be billed to Client at cost.
*The monthly subscription fee will start on the date the Subscription Plan Agreement is signed (prorated for the first month). Each monthly plan fee will be billed to Client’s credit card on file on the 1st business day of each month. Any excess charges or costs will be billed to client. Client may cancel at any time, but if cancellation is received on or after the second business day of the month, the cancellation will be effective on the last business day of that month. Client will still be charged for that month’s services and will be entitled to use services through the end of the month.
*The monthly subscription fee shall be deemed earned on the 1st business day of each month and is not refundable.
*If client requests document drafting which is typically offered as a flat fee, the hourly equivalent of the flat fee will be debited against Client’s annual hours at a 20% discount (i.e., if the flat fee is $1,000, then the 20% discount will be applied and the $800 reduced flat fee will be divided by your attorney’s normal hourly rate and debited against the annual hours allotment).
*Any hours in excess of the annual allotment will be billed at the attorney’s standard hourly rate, with the discount provided by the plan, as long as Client continues with the Subscription Plan.

*The following services offered by the firm are excluded from Subscription Services (including discounted hourly rates): intellectual property/trademark/copyright (other than the discounted consultation rate provided in the Premier and Professional plans), litigation, arbitration, mediation, administrative hearings, entity formation, and estate planning.
*The following services are NOT offered by the firm and are NOT offered as part of the Subscription Services: tax, bankruptcy, patents, family law, probate/trust administration, and securities.